Compass Lens

Win EVERY Listing with Compass Lens

A cutting-edge technology to virtually show your sellers what a buyer-ready home looks like through Compass Concierge.

Compass Lens uses AI

Compass Lens uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to give you and your clients the power to visualize how Compass Concierge can transform a listing and improve its sale price. By matching a photo of your client's home to similar before & after photos, you’ll be able to show your sellers exactly the difference working with you can make.

And this is something you can do remotely with your clients today. Because once SIP ends and your clients want to sell their homes again, you want your client to be first in line to book the right vendors and get their listings on the market earlier than competitive properties — this will put them in the best possible position to capture the interest of buyers who have been waiting to make their move.

So, how does it work?

The power of AI makes it this simple:

  1. Your client sends you a single photo of a room
  2. Upload the photo to Compass Lens
  3. Compass Lens uses AI technology to match it against our listing database
  4. See listing results with beautiful, interactive before & after photos highlighting the impact Compass Concierge can have (see the image below to show the transformation!)
  5. Advise your clients on how best to prepare their home to maximize its sales price and minimize days on market

Work With Meril

Meril blends his economic expertise, real estate market knowledge, sales, marketing, and customer relations to help clients make informed decisions through the buying and selling process.

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